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Michael Fryd


Michael Fryd has been fortunate to have had decades of training and experience in all of the areas that a professional photographer needs: artistry, technical mastery, and the ability to please customers.

Michael's artistic training started when he was a toddler. His mother is an artist, and she believed that art was important. Growing up, Michael was never allowed to "color within the lines." He was encouraged to find his own vision, not just copy someone else's.

Today's photographer needs to be a master of both cameras and computers. A common problem today is that many younger photographers don't have the camera experience, and many older photographers lack the computer experience. Michael has the necessary expertise in both.

Michael has been perfecting his camera skills since the early 1970's when he setup a darkroom in his house. Doing his own developing and printing allowed Michael to explore and understand the mechanics of photography. Knowing how ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc. affect the image allow Michael to get the desired image. What used to be done with chemicals in the darkroom is now done on a computer with PhotoShop.

Michael was first exposed to the world of computers in 1975. By 1980 Michael was teaching Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Michael's understanding of bit depth, color spaces, compression technologies and resolution is critical to managing today's digital images.

Michael has been pleasing customers since founding his own business in 1984. Michael knows that every customer is different, and every customer needs to be happy. Each photo shoot is designed with that particular customer's needs in mind. Sometimes a shot needs to be artistic, and sometimes it needs to be boring, but technically perfect.

Whether you want an artistic maternity shot, product shots for your catalog, or a holiday shot of the entire family, give Michael a call.


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